Why Choose Us

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with The Escarpment Company for your Landscape Contracting Needs

1: We work with you right from the start. We begin by communicating ideas and determining realistic budget numbers with our Clients.

2: The Escarpment Company uses conceptual and dimensional scale drawings to achieve "a master plan" where applicable. "The master plan" allows our client to break the design down into stages to accommodate budgets and cash flow.

3: The Escarpment Company's vision is to implement innovative green technologies and practices that will aid in the restoration and sustainable development of Milton and the surrounding Escarpment area.

4: As part of our contribution to social responsibility we offer fair and reasonable working conditions, hours and wages for our employees. This keeps our team strong and reliable allowing us to complete jobs as promised and on time.

5: The Escarpment Company focuses on planting native plants and ornamental grasses. This encourages local biodiversity that effectively brings butterflies and birds back to their natural environments in our gardens.

6: We focus on detail.

7: Our use of appropriate technologies for our market contributes to lower overall costs in our overhead as well as an enormous reduction in our carbon footprint as a company.

8: We provide quotes not estimates. With a quotation, our steps are listed and there are no surprises when it comes time for invoicing. Some estimates may run up additional costs at the time of invoicing due to items not taken into consideration when "estimating".

9: We are an established company founded in 2006. We have the experience and technical knowledge that allows us to repair and correct work that has been built with improper construction techniques from other contractors or homeowners.  We often take on challenging repair, rebuild and restoration projects that other contractors stay away from due to complexity. We effectively correct engineering faults and help the homeowner increase their property value and restore their investment.

10: We genuinely care about the projects we take on at The Escarpment Company. We make every effort to ensure that we are offering you the products and services that tread lightly on the earth and compliment the Escarpment's original nature.